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Gender Gap in Employment

Pacific Standard article summarizing findings about professional preferences for male over women as lab managers and the subsequent differences in likelihood of being hired and disparity in starting salaries.

Gender Equality

Transcript with links to video of Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, as she delivers a speech on the pursuit of gender equality for men and women.


Gender Stereotyping

CNN news story interviewing youth about the impact of marketing of toys as designated for girls verses boys and children's requests for gender neutral toys.

Sex Segregation at School

CNN new story about the educational benefits of separating young men and women in classroom and school activities to boost learning outcomes.


Gender Identity Disorder

NPR News story about gender identity disorders, with interviews of pediatricians and child psychiatrists about parental concerns of a child’s non-gender conforming behaviors

Firing Jill Abramson

NPR News report discussing whether top women executives expected to behave differently than men and can be fired from leadership positions for not conforming to gender expectations