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Charter schools: Public Education or Private Corporations?

This article introduces the debate on the role of charter schools by discussing the public verses private components this educational option.


Pattern of Inequality

Report and discussion on racial disparities of all public school in United States conducted by Department of Education on differences in school discipline and punishment, starting as early as preschool.

Creating Bold Thinkers

Early TED talk by pioneering scientist Mae Jamison about the need to support the Arts and Sciences to address the legacy of educational conditions in the United States.

Online Courses

PBS NewsHour special on the origins and social impact of the largest inter-university collaborations of free online college courses.


College Drop-Outs

NPR news story about the use of remedial classes to better prepare students in poor-performing subjects to improve retention in college.

Desegregating Schooling in United States

NPR All Things Considered news story focused on assessing the legacy of racial segregation and subsequent class segregation in U.S. schools.