Video and Multimedia

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Commercializing Counterculture

Engaging description of how alternative summer musical festivals have becoming increasing commercials, creating incongruities with the ideals of counter-culturalism.

Race and the Culture of Excellence

This Pacific Standard article critiques the behaviors and social identities of lead characters in popular television shows and movies.

Evaluating Video Games and Long-Term Violence

BBC News presentation of academic counter argument that video game violence has not been linked to long-term violent behavior and aggression.

Video Games and Ethnic Bias

Review of a study linking violence in video games to increased bias against ethnic minorities.


The Harlem Shake

"How might the viral phenomenon of "Harlem Shake" illustrate the cultural appropriation of historic dance?"

Exporting Culture

This video explores the process of national identity development as embedded in local history and subsequent exporting of material culture in Ghana.


Culture and Creativity in Learning

Audio segment from PRI special on China's educational system and its impact on culture and creative innovation for migrants once they leave China.