Video and Multimedia

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Science Versus Religion

This Pacific Standard article critiques the behaviors and social identities of lead characters in popular television shows and movies.


Religious Cults

A TED talk by a former cult member turned deprogrammer speaks about the process of belief and conformity to powerful religious organizations.

Five Major World Religions

An abridged TED lecture describing the social history, beliefs, and scope of the religions of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam

The Power of Animism

TED talk about Animism and its characteristics as a way of relating to and knowing the physical world by many indigenous peoples, as contrast to experiential systems of major world religions.

Pope chastises US Nuns

A news story highlights the schism between U.S. Catholic nuns and the Papacy in Rome regarding religious tenets and appropriate behaviors.


War and Religion

NPR news story of religiously motivated conflicts, with exploration of people's experiences with religious conflict and history of the connection between religion and conflict.