Video and Multimedia

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This short clip from The Colbert Report is an interview with sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh, discussing his book Gang Leader for a Day, an ethnography of a Chicago gang. In it, he discusses some of the different uses of observational methods versus other kinds of methods.

This is a short video of a series of experiments on attachment, featuring dogs, cats, and children. It can be used to illustrate the ideas of measurement and operationalization, as it demonstrates a complex way to measure the concept of “attachment.”

Singer-songwriter Dar Williams playing her song “Buzzer,” about the Milgram experiments, highlights how participation in research with questionable ethics can affect participants afterwards.

Sociologist Matthew Desmond discusses his research on the low-income housing market and evictions in Milwaukee at the First-Year Experience conference.

This video is an introduction to the history and Constitutional role of the Census, including some discussion of how the Census has changed over time.