Video and Multimedia

Video 1: The Attitudes that sparked Arab Spring

Description: In this TedTalk, Dalia Mogahed discusses research concerning Egyptians’ attitudes before the Arab Spring. She focuses specifically on the role of women.

Video 2: Pop Culture in the Arab World

Description: In this TedTalk, Shereen El Feki discusses the western influences (with a “culturally appropriate twist”) on popular culture in Arab countries. Specifically, she discusses how vastly different influences can actually work together.

Audio 1: In Stories of Muslim Identity, Playwright Explores Fault Lines of Faith

Description: In this feature from NPR’s All Things Considered, novelist, actor and screenwriter Avad Akhtar’s latest play, The Who & the What, is discussed. The play is set in Atlanta but focuses on the role of women in U.S. Muslim families.

Audio 2: Kidnappers in Nigeria Distorting Muslim Faith?

Description: This NPR audio clip examines the extremist group Boko Haram’s claims about the role of Muslim faith in it’s kidnapping of Nigerian girls. The Islamic Monthly’s Arsalan Iftikhar discusses what the religion would “actually say” about the issue.

Web 1: NPR the Mideast: A Century of Conflict

Description: This website provides a series of NPR specials discussing the history of conflict in the Middle East. In seven parts, the website provides a history of the “Israeli-Palestinian Dispute.”