Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Don’t Feel Sorry for Refugees--Believe in Them

Description: This TedTalk from activist Luma Mufleh examines refuges and discusses how to “make a personal difference” in their lives.

Video 2: Homeland: Immigration in America--Jobs

Description: In this video, a part of a three part series on immigration in the United States, jobs are discussed. Specifically, the video examines jobs held by immigrants, as well as the rules and regulations in place.

Audio 1: These “True Tales” Add Nuance to the Immigration Discussion

Description: In this clip from NPR's All Things Considered, host Robert Siegel talks with author Gustavo Arellano about stories that illustrate the stories of immigrants beyond the common clichés we often see.

Audio 2: “Pressing German Values on Islamic Immigrants”

Description: This NPR Morning Edition clip discuses one of German’s largest states using questions “to make sure that immigrants from Islamic countries are able and willing to assimilate into German culture and accept German values.”

Web 1: PBS Destination America

Description: This PBS website examines immigration to the United States. Consider looking specifically at the “Why Did They Come” section of the website.