Video and Multimedia

Video 1: The Amish: Shunned

Description: This episode of PBS' American Experience examines the Amish practice of “shunning.” How might this relate to the Amish's separation from dominant culture?

Video 2: Is My Neighbor Latino?

Description: This humorous clip from PBS satirizes the perception that all people of a shared identity must fit into the same stereotypical roles.

Audio 1: Amish Community Not Anti-Technology, Just More Thoughtful

Description: This NPR clip discusses the use of technology in the Amish community. NPR's Jeff Brady examines how the Amish thoughtfully deliberate before adopting new forms of technology.

Audio 2:Hispanic” or “Latino?” Polls Say It Doesn't Matter--Usually

Description: In this clip from NPR's All Things Considered, the language and terminology is discussed.

Web 1: PBS Latino Americans

Description: Explore this website for a PBS documentary on Latinos in America.