Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Geert Hofstede on Culture

Description: In this TedTalk, researcher Geert Hofstede discusses his cultural value dimensions.

Video 2: What’s So Different About Cultures Anyway?

Description: In this TedTalk, Dato Gogichaishvili uses humor to discuss cultural differences and the impact of these differences.

Audio 1: Providing Therapy Across Different Cultures

Description: This NPR feature discusses the unique struggles of immigrants seeking therapy in the United States. The guests discuss how U.S. practitioners can be sensitive of and aware of cultural differences.

Audio 2: Reading List: Books to Help You Understand Japan

Description: In this clip from NPR’s Talk of the Nation, scholars provide recommendations for American readers who are looking to learn more about Japanese culture.

Web 1: Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Description: This website by researcher Geert Hofstede examines the cultural dimensions he is famous for identifying. The website includes an interactive tool to compare two cultures on the various dimensions.