Video and Multimedia

Video 1: The Surprising Spread of Idol TV

Description: Cultural diplomacy expert Cynthia Schneider discusses the popularity of “American Idol” type TV shows across the globe.

Video 2: Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

Description: This video examines Hong Kong Disneyland. What differences and similarities can you identify with Disney parks in the United States?

Audio 1: As U.S. Sales Stall, Automakers Take Brands Overseas

Description: In this clip from NPR’s All Things Considered, U.S. automakers’ sales in China are discussed.

Audio 2: Corporate America Takes on Multilingual PR

Description: This NPR clip examines multi-language PR campaigns in the United States.

Web 1: World Falls for American Media, Even as It Sours on America

Description: This 2008 New York Times article discusses the role of U.S. culture worldwide as well as perceptions of America across the globe.