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Triple Bottom Line

Explanation of the triple bottom line.

LO 3.2: Describe the impact of social entrepreneurship on small business.

Creating Better Business

Ted Talk by Jay Coen Gilbert.

LO 3.2: Describe the impact of social entrepreneurship on small business.

Ethics in Small Business

Strategies for dealing with gray areas in issues of ethics.

LO 3.3: Discuss the importance of ethics for your small business.


The following links are tools that can be used for strategic planning.

LO 3.4a: Describe each step in the strategic planning process.

LO 3.4b: Explain the importance of competitive advantage.


A market intelligence solution designed to provide its business customers with insights to understand, track, and increase market share.


Their mission is to bring social leads to every business in the world, so you can use it to not only generate leads on social media, engage those leads via Twitter and LinkedIn, you can also track what else is going on in your business sector.

Google Trends

Gathering information does not get easier than this--you can set up a Google alerts for any word (such as a competitor’s company or product name) and Google will magically send competitive information to your inbox.


More low-hanging competitive information. Everyone wants more followers, so about any info you desire is likely in the Twittersphere.

The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

Described as a global community of business experts across industry, academia, and government who come together to build and share strategic intelligence, research decision-support tools, processes, and analytics capabilities. SCIP offers conferences, books, industry news, certification, and tools for your business.


Tracking popular trends relating to your small business, such as demographics, pricing, and designs, allows you to predict your (and your competitor’s) next move.