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Defining Distribution

Review this video for a description of distribution.

LO 12.1: Describe small business distribution and explain how “efficiencies” affect channels of distribution.

Business Clusters

See an explanation for why some businesses locate next to one another.

LO 12.2: Explain how the location of your business can provide a competitive advantage.

The Psychology of Retail Store Design

Watch this video for methodologies used for the layout of a retail space.

LO 12.5: Explain the types of layout you can choose.

Buy or Lease

Factors to consider when deciding to buy or lease a space for your business.

LO 12.6: Present the circumstances under which leasing, buying, or building is an appropriate choice.


Resources Mentioned in Chapter 12

A website that highlights the economic development and site selection news broken down by every state.

Data on market segmentation.