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Video Links

Advice for Small Business Owners

Listen to advice from successful business owners.

LO 14.1: Describe the functions and activities involved in managing a small business.

Creating Motivation in the Workplace

Watch this explanation of the ways in which people are motivated.

LO 14.3: Discuss the significance of leadership and motivation in regard to employees of small business.

Time Management

Tips for managing your time as a small business owner.

LO 14.4: Discuss time and stress management as they relate to small business.


Resources Mentioned in Chapter 14

One of the original podcasts on the topic, John Lee Dumas launched back in 2012. He states that he wants entrepreneurs to “emulate our successes and avoid our failures” via the telling of entrepreneurs’ backstories and journeys.

Gary Vaynerchuk has become quite a forceful voice via his podcast and YouTube channel (often punctuated by “colorful” language). He does provide insight into future trends and pioneering entrepreneurial solutions.

Critical thinking and problem solving involves a degree of thinking about things from a unique perspective. Stephen Dubner explores “the hidden side of everything” and unintended consequences.

Guy Raz has fascinating conversations with the founders of about every well-known business you can think of, from Warby Parker to The Knot, to Patagonia. Perfect listening for everyone starting, or growing, their own business.