Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

What is Operations Management?

A video outlining the process of operations management.

LO 16.1: Describe the elements of operations systems.

What is Productivity?

An explanation of what is meant by productivity.

LO 16.2: Explain how to measure productivity.

Six Sigma

An overview of the six sigma process.

LO 16.4: Discuss the role of quality in operations management.

Purchasing Process

An overview of the purchasing process.

LO 16.5: Explain the importance of purchasing and describe its procedures.

Managing Inventory

An example of how inventory is managed in a small retail store.

LO 16.6: Calculate how much inventory you need and when.


Resources Mentioned in Chapter 16

Reread the chapter-opening vignette about WET. This vignette provides a lot of information about the company’s products and processes. Find related articles about the company in the Buzz tab on its website.