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What is a Small Business

How small business is defined by the SBA.

LO 1.1: Describe the characteristics of small business.

Why Small Business is Important to the Economy

Listen to an explanation of the importance of small business in the economy.

LO 1.2: Explain the role of small business in the U.S. economy.

Diversity Makes for Innovative Teams

Listen to this TED talk discuss the importance of diversity in the workforce.

LO 1.3: Discuss the importance of diversity in the marketplace and the workplace.

Secrets of Success

Listen to a TED Talk for a presentation on what leads to success.

LO 1.5: Suggest ways to court success in a small business venture.

Market Risks for Small Business

Watch this video for tips related to managing risks in small business.

LO 1.6: Name the most common causes of small business failure.