Practicing Statistics Whiteboard Videos

Informative videos that walk students through statistical calculations to reinforce key concepts.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Use of Statistics in Criminal Justice and Criminology

There are no Practicing Statistics Whiteboard Videos for chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Types of Variables and Levels of Measurement

Finding the Total Sample Size

Chapter 3: Organizing, Displaying, and Presenting Data


Proportions & Percentages

Chapter 4: Measures of Central Tendency

Means with Small N

Means with Large N

Medians with Even N

Medians with Odd N

Chapter 5: Measures of Dispersion

The Standard Deviation

Calculating the Variance

Chapter 6: Probability



The z Distribution

Chapter 7: Population, Sample, and Sampling Distributions

The Central Limit Theorem

Chapter 8: Point Estimates and Confidence Intervals

CIs for Large Samples

CIs for Proportion

Chapter 9: Hypothesis Testing: A Conceptual Introduction


Null and Alternatives

Type of Test

Chapter 10: Hypothesis Testing With Two Categorical Variables: Chi-Square

Chi Square

Measures of Association

Chapter 11: Hypothesis Testing With Two Population Means or Proportions

Dependent Samples

Z Test Proportion

Chapter 12: Hypothesis Testing With Three or More Population Means: Analysis of Variance


Omega Squared

Chapter 13: Hypothesis Testing With Two Continuous Variables: Correlation

Hypothesis Test for Correlation - Example 1

Hypothesis Test for Correlation - Example 2

Chapter 14: Introduction to Regression Analysis

Muliple Regression

Slope Coefficient