*NOTE: Please note that the in-chapter SPSS demonstrations are intended to introduce students to the steps required to produce the SPSS output displayed in the figures. These are not meant for student to follow along with in SPSS. This is because that is the purpose of the review questions at the end of each chapter. There will not be data sets for all in-chapter SPSS demonstrations. It is encouraged for students to initially absorb this information to become active learners and apply that knowledge when they complete the review questions.

Datasets: Chapter 3

*NOTE: Please note that the data set used for the SPSS demonstration in Chapter 3 is also used in the review questions at the end of the chapter. Therefore, the data set is provided on the companion website here.

City Police.sav

Crime Attitudes.sav


Hate Crimes.sav

Juvenile Embezzlement Arrests.sav

Work Release.sav

Datasets: Chapter 10

Datasets: Chapter 12



*There are over 1,500 cases in the FISS dataset; please use instructor version of SPSS to access the dataset.

Datasets: Chapter 13