Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 1. Study: Time Away Can Hurt Surgeons’ Job Performance
Discussion of research focusing on the hypothesis that time away from work can hurt a surgeon’s performance.

Audio 2. Women With High-Risk Pregnancies Are More Likely to Develop Heart Disease
Discussion of research examining the hypothesis that high-risk pregnancies increase the risk of heart disease.

Web Resources

Web 1. Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey is an easy to use website where students can create surveys. Some schools have full subscriptions to the website for full access.

Web 2. eSurveysPro
This is another excellent survey tool where students can create and send surveys online. 
They can even add charts, pictures, and so on for students to comment on.

Web 3. SPSS Certificate Program
This is a SPSS certificate program that SPSS promotes on its website. It is useful for any professional who uses SPSS on the job and an excellent marketing tool and skill for students.