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Semantic Memory: Examples & Definition

Summary: Semantic memory is one of the two types of declarative memory. This video explains the importance of semantic memory, how it differs from episodic memory, and more.

Conscious of the Present; Conscious of the Past: Vision and Memory

Summary: Yale professor discusses specific topics covered include the different memory types, memory limitations, strategies that improve memory, and memory disorders.

Accommodation in Psychology: Definition & Overview

Summary: Accommodation is a term developed by Jean Piaget to describe the process in which we modify existing cognitive schemas in order to include new information.

Memory Schemas

Summary: Dr. Steven Howard from Early Start Research Institute (ESRI) School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences University of Wollongong talks about Memory Schemas.

Categorizing Memory

Summary: In this video, as you observe your surroundings at an art museum, you’ll come to understand how your brain categorizes memory so you can remember your experiences.



Psy Blog: Increase Attention With Oldest Technique of All (Forget Brain Training)

Summary: While “brain training” games have become popular, there is a better way to increase attention, new research suggests.

Simply Psychology: Forgetting

Summary: The main theories of forgetting developed by psychologists. The first answer is more likely to be applied to forgetting in short term memory, the second to forgetting in long-term memory.

VeryWell: Anatomy of Memory

Summary: Our ability to remember and learn are among the most fundamental and significant of our brain’s abilities. Not only does the brain permit us to experience everything around us, it allows us to re-experience our past.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Summary: Understanding the boundary conditions of memory reconsolidation.