Web Exercises

1.   National Geographic’s Brain Games Cognitive Development Episode

The first link below includes 11 video clips from the Brain Games episode “Life of the Brain” that is related to cognitive development. The second link, also from Brain Games, is an exercise designed to guess your age based on your ability to discriminate between tones of various frequencies. Also in the second link is an article about how your brain changes as you age.



2. Jean Piaget Society Website

The Jean Piaget Society in an international organization that was established in 1970 to study “the developmental construction of human knowledge.” The website provides information about Jean Piaget himself, in addition to a variety of scholarly resources and internet resources for students interested in learning more about Piaget and his theories. The rich information found in this website will be a tremendous additional resource to the material about Piaget provided in the text.


3. Piaget’s Stages of Development

These brief YouTube videos describe Piaget’s stages of development. The first is a general summary of all four stages. The second highlights conservation, and the third highlights formal reasoning.




4. Brain Development

The following links are all associated with brain development from birth to adolescence. Students can use these resources to learn more about the relationship between brain maturity and impulsivity in adolescence, as well as about the importance of experience on brain development.