Discussion Questions

  1. What are some strategies you engage in to sustain your attention?

  2. Can you think of something that used to require a great deal of attention but now you can do easily without much effort? What do you think led to your ability to eventually perform this task easily?

  3. The text describes a couple of different studies that have demonstrated how something very unusual can be completely ignored in plain sight. Do you think these results would be replicated today? Why?

  4. Broadbent’s filter theory suggests there is a limit to how much information is attended to. How do you think he would explain Treisman’s cocktail party effect?

  5. Young drivers often have many restrictions placed upon them (cannot use cell phones while driving, can only have one other minor in the car at any given time, etc.). Do you think these restrictions should be extended to drivers of all ages? What about a new driver in their 30’s?