Web Exercises

1. The website below contains information about Clive Wearing, an individual whose short-term memory is limited to no more than about 30 seconds and is completely unable to form any new long-term memories.  Included on the site are two brief, but excellent videos that illustrate his case.  Despite his clear dysfunction, the videos show Clive playing the piano beautifully.  This clip can be used to illustrate multi-modal memory systems. 


2. H.M. is one of the most famous cases in neuroscience.  His profound inability to form new long term memories following surgery to ameliorate seizures led to what we know about the hippocampus and its role in memory formation. The links below include podcasts, videos and literate related to H.M. and his legacy.





3. Larry Squire’s model of long-term memory is based on his extensive research with humans who have suffered memory deficits.  Following are brief videos of two cases.