Discussion Questions

  1. Could the purported cognitive differences between men and women be due to differences in cognitive style? Why?

  2. To what extent does society and rules about social norms affect cognitive differences between men and women?

  3. Many people have a preferred way of learning. Some prefer to learn by reading independently, others prefer to learn by listening to a lecture, and yet others prefer to learn by doing. What do you believe is the best way to deliver a course to maximize student learning? Do you think completely face-to-face or completely online courses are less idea than hybrid courses? Why?

  4. Do you think intelligence is a general concept or do you believe that there are multiple intelligences? What support do you have to justify your answer?

  5. If there are multiple intelligences, do you think there should be multiple entrance exams for university admissions? Do one-size-fits-all tests, like the SAT and ACT tap into multiple intelligences or do they assess intelligence in general?