Web Exercises

1. Brain Games – Short-Term Memory

The link below is to the Brain Games “Memory” episode website. Students can play a variety of memory games, as well as read articles and watch videos about memory. The second link is a short clip from the full episode that describes strategies used to increase short-term memory capacity.



2. Brief Articles About Working Memory

The links below are to brief articles discussing the positive relationship between physical activity and memory.



3. Cogmed.Com

The link below is to an online working memory challenge comparable to the game “Simon.” There is a 4×4 grid of circles. When you select “start test,” the circles will light up in a specific order. Your goal is to remember the order and repeat it back. The challenge becomes progressively difficult as the sequence to remember gets longer. This is a great exercise to demonstrate the limited capacity of working memory.


4. How to Remember Everything

In this TED talk, Josh Foer discusses strategies to remember everything.