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Bottom-Up Processing in Psychology

Summary: In this video, you’ll learn what bottom-up processing is and review some examples of this decision-making strategy.

Attention and Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Processing

Summary: This video provides both the details and the big picture for top-down and bottom-up processing.

The Neural Basis of Object Recognition

Summary: Recent research on optical imaging as well as single unit activity of cells in macaque IT and behavioral fMRI studies in humans provide a surprisingly strong neural confirmation of this proposal.

Categorical Perception: Definition and Explanation

Summary: In this video, you will learn about a phenomenon called categorical perception and how it actually changes the way you hear and see certain things.

Perceiving Is Believing

Summary: This video gives us some insight into the differences between sensing and perceiving.



The Science Network

Summary: The mission of The Science Network (TSN) is to build an online science and society agora, or public square, dedicated to the discussion of issues at the intersection of science and social policy.

Perception: DePaul University

Summary: Gestalt approaches to perception bottom-up processes template matching featural analysis and prototype matching

Perceptual Learning: Applications to Education

Summary: Communicating interesting and relevant psychological research to the public

Psychology Concepts: Word Superiority Effect

Summary: The word superiority effect (WSE) refers to the phenomenon that people can easier recognize letters presented within words as compared to isolated letters and to letters presented within nonword (orthographically illegal, unpronounceable letter array) strings.