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Multiple choice questions

Which of the following are assumptions underlying the use of parametric tests (based on the normal distribution)? 

Answer choices

  1. All of the options are true.          
  2. Some feature of the data should be normally distributed.
  3. The samples being tested should have approximately equal variances.
  4. The data should be at least interval level.

Answer: All of the options are true

Which of the following is the least affected by outliers?

Answer choices

  1. The range
  2. The mean
  3. The median
  4. The standard deviation

Answer: The median

Which of the following is not a transformation that can be used to correct skewed data?

Answer choices            

  1. Log transformation
  2. Square root transformation
  3. Reciprocal transformation
  4. Tangent transformation

Answer: Tangent transformation

If we were to pull all possible samples from a population, calculate the mean for every sample, and construct a graph of the shape of the distribution based on all of the means, what would we have?

Answer choices

  1. The population distribution of the mean
  2. The sampling distribution of the mean
  3. The bootstrap distribution of the mean
  4. The standard error of the mean

Answer: The sampling distribution of the mean

Approximately what percentage of people would have scores lower than an individual with a z-score of 1.65 in a normally distributed sample?

Answer choices

  1. 95%
  2. 98%
  3. It is not possible to calculate this unless the mean and standard deviation are given.
  4. 1%

Answer: 95%