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Multiple choice questions

A researcher asked 933 people what their favourite type of TV programme was: news, documentary, soap or sports. They could only choose one answer. As such, the researcher had the number of people who chose each category of programme. How should she analyse these data?

Answer choices

  1. t-test
  2. One-way analysis of variance
  3. Chi-square test
  4. Regression

Answer: Chi-square test

Chi-square is used to analyse:

Answer choices

  1. Scores  
  2. Ranks
  3. Frequencies
  4. Any of these

Answer: Frequencies

On which of the following does the critical value for a chi-square statistic rely?

Answer choices

  1. The degrees of freedom
  2. The sum of the frequencies
  3. The row totals
  4. The number of variables

Answer: The degrees of freedom

Using a goodness-of-fit test, we can assess whether a set of obtained frequencies differ from a set of _______ frequencies

Answer choices

  1. Mean
  2. Actual
  3. Predicted
  4. Expected

Answer: Expected

Imagine you conducted a study to look at the association between whether expectant mothers in two different age groups (18–30 and 31–43 years) eat breakfast (or not) and the gender of the first-born child. Which of the following options would be the most appropriate method of analysing these data? 

Answer choices

  1. Chi-square test
  2. Three-way repeated-measures ANOVA
  3. Loglinear analysis
  4. Two-way mixed analysis of covariance

Answer: Loglinear analysis