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EdPsych Modules uses an innovative modular approach and case studies based on real-life classroom situations to address the challenge of effectively connecting theory and research to practice. Succinct, stand-alone modules are organized into themed units and offer instructors the flexibility to tailor the book’s contents to the needs of their course. The units begin with a set of case studies written for early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary classrooms, providing students with direct insight into the dynamics influencing the future students they plan to teach. All 25 modules highlight diversity, emphasizing how psychological factors adapt and change based on external influences such as sex, gender, race, language, disability status, and socioeconomic background. The Fourth Edition includes over three hundred new references across all 25 modules, and expanded coverage of diversity in new diversity-related research.

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We gratefully acknowledge Cheryl Durwin and Marla Reese-Weber for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Dr. Shannon Storch and Professor Nancy Burton of Concord University for developing the resources on this site.