Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 6.1: Opinion: 'Broken Windows' Policing, Three Decades On
Description: This interview with George Kelling, the founder of Broken Windows Theory, discusses its application and impact in policing.

Video Link 6.2: Memphis Police Take Specialized Approach to Mental Illness
Description: This video documents an innovative Memphis police approach to dealing with mentally ill people.

Video Link 6.3: Foot Patrols Lead to Less Crime in Boston
Description: This CBS News video discusses how the Boston Police Department's increased use of foot patrol has affected crime and relations with the community.

Audio Link 6.1: NYC Police Chief Calls Inspector General's Critical Report 'Grandstanding'
Description: This NPR interview with NYC Police Chief William J. Bratton discusses changes in use-of-force policy, and a recent evaluation of the NYPD by the inspector general.