Around the World

These articles feature a comparative look at policing across the globe. 

Around the World 2.1: Police Bolster Attack on Cybercrime

Source: Warrell, H. (2012, Feb. 7). Police bolster attack on cyber crime. Financial Times (London, England). Retrieved from Record Number: 13CCD7F5AD08C730.

British police, in a response to the growing threat of online attacks, are bolstering their campaign against cyber criminals with the formation of three new regional e-crime control centers.

These centers are designed to “provide an enhanced ability to investigate this fast growing area of crime and provide an improved internet investigation capability.”

“Cyber crime has been identified by law enforcement agencies as a ‘tier-one’ national security threat, putting it on a par with international terrorism, an international military crisis, or a natural disaster.”

  1. How much freedom should the government be given to “spy” on private emails, text messages, and phone records to detect and to prevent threats to national security?
  2. Would you be willing to subject your personal emails, text messages, and phone records to government scrutiny in the name of “safety”?