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These articles feature a comparative look at policing across the globe. 

Around the World 11.1: All Africa News: Ghanaian Chronicle: Crack the Whip on Erring Police Officers

Source: “AAGM: Crack the whip on erring police officers.” Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana), February 28, 2012.

A total of 947 policemen and women have been dismissed from the Ghana Police Service for various acts of misconduct within three years, according to the vice president of Ghana, who is also the chairman of the National Police Council. He continued by stating that, “although we have bad nuts in every establishment, I want to commend the police administration for cracking the whip” on offenders and indicated the dismissals should “go a long way to deter other officers from indulging in acts against the code of conduct of the Police Service.”

The vice president warned that the government would deal ruthlessly with the culprits who want to derail the house-cleaning by the police service and cautioned the police against using the media to settle their personal and organizational grievances, since that might expose divisions within the police service, which criminals might be able to use to their advantage.

The inspector general of police cautioned personnel against indulging in activities that could tarnish the image of the service, adding, “As personnel of the Police Service, you must demonstrate a high level of professionalism, in words and in deeds, by exhibiting impartiality and fairness to all parties . . .”

  1. The chairman described the 947 officers as “bad nuts.” Do you believe the officers represent isolated cases of “bad nuts,” or do you believe there is something deeply flawed within the police service itself? Explain your position.
  2. Do you think the steps the Ghana Police Service took constitute a true deterrent to future misconduct by officers?