Introduction to Policing

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Written and extensively updated by an author team that includes former and current law enforcement officers, Introduction to Policing focuses on the thought-provoking, contemporary issues that underscore the challenging and rewarding world of policing. The authors skillfully balance research and practice to offer students an overview of both the foundations of policing and the expanded role of today’s police officers. Evolving with the modern realities of the field, the Fourth Edition discusses major new and ongoing impactful events, such as the political shift marked by the U.S. presidential election of 2016 and expanded coverage of women and minorities in policing. The accessible and engaging writing style, coupled with unique coverage of the issues of policing in multicultural communities, the impact of technology on policing, and policing strategies and procedures, make this bestselling book a must-have for policing courses.


We gratefully acknowledge Steven M. Cox, David Massey, Connie M. Koski, and Brian D. Fitch for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are due to Alicia Fisher of California State University Fullerton, Susannah Tapp of Georgia State University, and Melanie Norwood of the University of Illinois at Chicago for developing the ancillaries on this site. Additional thanks are also due to Michael Stewart for his work authoring and producing the Criminal Justice in Practice: Decision Making Scenario animations, which are available in the interactive eBook.