Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 14.1: Global Perspectives: William Brownfield
Description: This PBS interview with Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield discusses government efforts to combat transnational crime.

Video Link 14.2: Assessing Terror Threat for Transportation
Description: This PBS video discusses collaboration between local law enforcement officials and the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force to enhance safety and security.

Video Link 14. 3: Will Leaked Secrets Damage Efforts by U.S. Intelligence?
Description: This PBS video discusses the implications of and debates around U.S. intelligence gathering and surveillance techniques.

Video Link 14.4: U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Discusses Immigration
Description: This interview with the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security discusses directives regarding immigration.

Audio Link 14.1: White Collar Crimes Drives Up London Property Prices
Description: This NPR story discusses how money laundering contributes to skyrocketing property prices in London.