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Article 1.

Wahab, S. (2005). Motivational interviewing and social work practice. Journal of Social Work, 5(1), 45-60. doi:10.1177/1468017305051365

This article defines and explains the rationale for Motivational Interviewing, a tool for promoting individual behavior change that draws on individual strengths and respecting self-determination.  This approach is compatible with social work values and ethics and is increasingly used by social workers in a variety of settings. 


  1. What limitations in older (CBT) approaches to behavior change is Motivational Interviewing designed to address? 
  2. What is the overall goal of motivational interviewing? 
  3. Discuss how and why motivational interviewing is compatible with social work perspectives and practice. 

Article 2.

Watkins, D. C. (2012). Depression over the adult life course for African American men: Toward a framework for research and practice. American Journal of Men's Health, 6(3), 194-210. doi:10.1177/1557988311424072

This article explores a life course perspective in understanding the unique experiences of African American men with depression.  The author develops a framework for understanding the social determinants of depression in this population and how these risk and protective factors vary over the lifespan. 


  1. What is the life course perspective, and how does it relate to health development? 
  2. What specific stressors experienced frequently by African American men may contribute to increased risk of poor mental health? 
  3. What is the role of identity in mental health promotion among African American men?  
  4. For each of the six social determinants of depression developed in this article, identify an area for intervention that would reduce the risk of poor mental health for this population.