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Article 1.

Bø, B. P. (2014). Social work in a multicultural society: New challenges and needs for competence. International Social Work, doi:10.1177/0020872814550114

Drawing on questionnaire and qualitative interviews with social workers, this article explores the struggle to bridge cultures and provide effective and culturally sensitive services in an increasingly diverse, multinational/multicultural context. 


  1. What were some of the central concerns of social workers interviewed for this study regarding their ability to work with linguistically and culturally diverse client systems? 
  2. What kinds of knowledge did social workers in this study want to improve their cross-cultural competence? What do the authors argue about this focus on “the others”? 
  3. Discuss the authors’ conclusions about the knowledge and skills needed for effective social work practice in a multicultural society.

Article 2.

Furman, R., Sanchez, M., Ackerman, A., & Ung, T. (2014). The immigration detention center as a transnational problem: Implications for international social work. International Social Work,  doi:10.1177/0020872813500803

This article highlights the consequences of national immigration policy on individuals and families with specific attention to the rise in for-profit immigration detention centers.  The authors conclude that social work is well positioned to address this humanitarian crisis through policy and practice. 


  1. How has the criminalization of immigration affected individuals and families? 
  2. How does the proliferation of detention centers pose a human rights issue for social workers?
  3. What do the authors mean by “transnational practice”?  How does this differ from international social work practice?
  4. What recommendations do the authors make for addressing the social justice crises in immigration detention centers?