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Article 1.

True, G., Rigg, K. K., & Butler, A. (2014). Understanding barriers to mental health care for recent war veterans through photovoice. Qualitative Health Research, doi:10.1177/1049732314562894

Through a qualitative visual medium (photovoice), this article highlights the multiple barriers recent war veterans face in accessing mental health care.  The role of symptoms, coping strategies, and negative encounters with the health care system are discussed.  


  1. How does existing research explain the low utilization rate of mental health services among recent veterans?
  2. What did this study reveal about the role of military culture and values in help-seeking? 
  3. How did veterans’ experiences with healthcare providers and institutions serve as an additional barrier to seeking mental health care? 

Article 2.

Weiss, E. L., Coll, J. E., Gerbauer, J., Smiley, K., & Carillo, E. (2010). The military genogram: A solution-focused approach for resiliency building in service members and their families. The Family Journal, 18(4), 395-406. doi:10.1177/1066480710378479

In this article, drawing on evidence of the unique effects of military culture on families, the authors develop a culturally-specific assessment and treatment tool, the military genogram.  The article includes a description of the steps involved in creating a military genogram as well as a model drawing on a case vignette.   


  1. Describe the unique elements of military culture and its effects on families. 
  2. What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)?  Why is this approach particularly compatible with military culture, according to the authors? 
  3. What is the added benefit of the military genogram?