SAGE Journal Articles

Journal Article 1: Beary, B. (2014, February). Resurgent Russia. CQ Researcher, 24, 121–144.

PDF iconresurgent_russia_Chernotsky3e_CH6.pdf

Abstract: This article takes a close look at the re-emergence of Russia as a key political and economic player. It discusses some of the initiatives Russia is heading up in order to regain power, including the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as its relations with other countries, such as the United States and China. Some of the issues this article covers include whether or not Russia is trying to recreate the Soviet bloc, if Russian efforts are helping to bring peace to the Middle East, and whether or not the United States should take a tougher stance on Russia. It provides background information on the history of Russia as a world power, and politics and economics during the Soviet Era. Lastly, this article discusses the current situation existing between Ukraine and Russia.

  1. What are the Eastern Partnership initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union? Why are they contentious?
  2. Who are Russia’s top trade partners? With which countries are they forging new trade relationships?
  3. What do experts believe are Russia’s motives for supporting the Assad regime in Syria?
  4. Why is Russia interested in holding influence over Ukraine?

Learning Objectives: To explore the ways in which Russia is regaining power and to understand the implications that has for the international system.

Journal Article 2: Stier, K. J. (2012, June). China in Latin America. CQ Global Researcher, 6, 257–280.

PDF iconchina_in_latin_america_Chernotsky3e_CH6.pdf

Abstract: This article highlights the increasingly role of China in Latin American countries and what its presence means for homegrown economic development. First, it gives a general overview of Chinese investment in Latin America. This article then discusses critical issues, such as how Chinese investment benefits and harms Latin American countries, whether or not China’s presence in the Western hemisphere threatens the influence of the United States, and if China threatens Latin America’s current economic model. It examines the history of China as a major player in international economics and trade, as well as the history of Chinese communities in Latin American countries. Finally, this article discusses how Chinese investment is transforming infrastructure in Latin America and how Latin American countries are dealing with the effects of Chinese investment.

  1. In general, what is China’s role in Latin America?
  2. How does Chinese investment benefit Latin America? How does it harm the region?
  3. What is the difference between the Chinese economic model and Latin America’s current economic model? How does China threaten this model?
  4. Why is China investing in infrastructure in Latin America?

Learning Objectives: To explore the complexity of international trade relationships by specifically examining the case of Chinese investment in Latin America.