SAGE Journal Articles

Journal Article 1: Karaim, R. (2009, September). Future of globalization. CQ Global Researcher, 3, 233–256.

PDF iconfuture_of_globalization_Chernotsky3e_CH1.pdf

Abstract: This article examines the causes and effects of “deglobalization,” which has been described as nations turning inward economically and culturally. The author cites the global economic recession as the main cause of deglobalization, and increased international tension as its result. It provides an overview of the points for and against this idea of deglobalization.

  1. What is deglobalization? What does Harold James claim is responsible for deglobalization?
  2. What is protectionism? What are some examples of protectionist policies? Do they help economic recovery or harm it?
  3. In the section “Does a ‘Level Playing Field’ Exist in Global Trade?,” what is meant by a “level playing field?” What is comparative advantage?
  4. In the section “Rejecting Globalization Produces Winners and Losers,” who would suffer the most from deglobalization and how? Who would benefit the most?
  5. Some experts believe that deglobalization will be harmful, while critics believe that deglobalization will be helpful. What do they report are the positive and negative effects of deglobalization? 

Learning Objectives: To understand the idea of deglobalization and to examine some of the differing perspectives and opinions for or against globalization.