Video and Multimedia

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  • NPR Special Series: Climate Connections
    This audio resource is a year-long project that focuses on climate change. It contains audio reports about the causes of and solutions to climate change, and the cultural significance of climate change.


  • United States Census Bureau U.S. and World Population Clock
    This website features population clocks for both the United States and the world, as well as demographics concerning the population of the United States.


  • MapCrunch
    A link to MapCrunch, a website powered by Google Street View maps that can transport you to anywhere in the world with Google Maps coverage. Fifty Most Populous Refugee Camps
    A link to a map resource from Esri, which provides maps and statistics about the fifty most populous refugee camps in the world.


  • An Inconvenient Truth
    Former Vice President Al Gore argues the case that we have reached a tipping point in climate change.
  • Chris Jordan: Turning Powerful Stats into Art
    Artist Chris Jordan shares his work depicting the unintentional environmental and social effects of our unconscious behaviors.
  • Green at Google Presents Dr. Claudio Campagna and Dr. Caleb McClennen--Oceans
    This Google talk focuses on the state of the world’s oceans, its challenges, and its outlooks, featuring the work of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s work toward preservation, conservation, and celebration of the ocean.

Web Resources

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
    A link to the United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform, which includes news, webcasts, information on sustainable development topics, and links to resources, action networks, and publications.
  • Scientific American: Another Inconvenient Truth: The World's Growing Population Poses a Malthusian Dilemma)
    This article goes into depth about how booming population growth strains agricultural production and, ultimately, the environment and its resources.
  • Stanford University Center on Food Security and the Environment
    The Center on Food Security and the Environment is a research center at Stanford University that addresses food security and global policy. Its website includes information on its research and publications, news, and links to presentations and videos. 
  • World Food Programme
    A link to the World Food Programme, a United Nations humanitarian assistance program that is a key actor in emergency food aid response.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
    A link to the Food and Agriculture Organization, an agency of the United Nations that monitors global food issues.