Video and Multimedia

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  • Globalisation (UNESCO: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future
    A link to the globalization unit through UNESCO’s Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future initiative, which includes many interactive lessons on globalization.


  • Pankaj Ghemawat: Actually, the World Isn’t Flat (                                      This video addresses common misconceptions of globalization with data.
  • Thomas Friedman in Conversation with Dov Seidman at the 92nd Street Y, December 13 2009 (
    This video is an interview with Thomas Friedman, who discusses some of the ideas covered in his books on globalization.
  • Life in a Day                                                                                    (                                                              This video is a documentary created with YouTube clips that depict daily life from 192 nations on July 24, 2010.

Web Resources

  • Globalization 101                                                                                            (
    A link to Globalization 101, a project of the SUNY Levin Institute, that examines globalization issues in depth.
  • International Forum on Globalization
    A link to the IFG, a research and education institution that provides analysis of political, social, cultural, and environmental impacts of globalization.
  • YaleGlobal Online
    A link to YaleGlobal Online, the website to the journal YaleGlobal that provides extensive resources on global issues.
  • International Studies Association
    A link to ISA, an organization that connects professionals and students in fields of international studies, that includes information about the organization, its conferences, its publications, and a job board.
  • World Trade Organization
    A link to the WTO, a global organization that addresses issues of trade between countries, which includes information about the WTO, news, topics on trade, and research, multimedia, statistics, and other publications.
  • Grameen Bank
    A link to Grameen Bank, a microfinance organization and bank that makes loans to people living in poverty.
  • The Green Belt Movement
    A link to the Green Belt Movement, an NGO that promotes community development through environmental conservation.
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    A link to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a private foundation that funds innovation in international development, global health, education and development in the United States, and global policy and advocacy.
  • Kiva Microfunds
    A link to Kiva, an internet-based microlending organization that extends loans to people living in poverty around the world.