Video and Multimedia

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  • A Conversation With Michael McCaul
    In a talk with the Council on Foreign Relations, Michael McCaul, the Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, talks about ISIS, foreign fighters, and other security threats.


  • Challenges in Defining an Israeli-Palestinian Border
    An excellent resource produced by The New York Times and accessible online that explains the key issues and the challenges of reconciling Israeli-Palestinian differences. It is divided into five segments and includes a series of short clips that address the complexities of the conflict. Separate individual voices clips feature people impacted directly.
  • Pakistan: Children of the Taliban
    Pakistani journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy exposes the powerful and dangerous influence of the Taliban throughout Pakistan. Obaid-Chinoy shows how the Taliban has infiltrated Pakistani cities and countryside alike, destroying schools, displacing hundreds of thousands of people, and recruiting youth into their terrorist network. Pakistan and its 80 million children, Obaid-Chinoy concludes, will be lost forever should the militants continue to expand.
  • Loretta Napoleoni: The Intricate Economics of Terrorism
    Economist Loretta Napoleoni discusses the Italian terrorist group Red Brigade, arms smuggling, and the hidden economics of terrorism, or “rogue economics.” Napoleoni exposes how the structure of rogue economics is parallel to that of the international economic system and describes its growth through three stages: state sponsorship of terrorism, privatization of terrorism, and globalization of terrorism. Finally, Napoleoni uncovers the surprising connection between American legislation and the illegal activities of terrorist groups.

Web Resources

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
    The IAEA is an intergovernmental organization within the UN system that is the focal point for nuclear cooperation.
  • Middle East Institute
    The Middle East Institute is a Washington, DC, think tank that promotes research and discussion of Middle East issues.
  • United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA)
    Established in 1998 as a department of the UN Secretariat, UNODA promotes disarmament and the nonproliferation of weapons.
  • Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is an educational foundation, or think tank, that conducts scholarly research and policy analysis relating to the Middle East.