Video and Multimedia

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  • Internet World Stats
    This website publishes statistics on Internet usage, population, and travel, as well as Internet market research data, for countries across the world.


  • TED
    This website is home to the nonprofit organization TED, which supports a series of talks on a multitude of topics that are short observations on “ideas worth spreading.”


  • Susan Etlinger: What Do We Do With All This Big Data?
    In this TED talk, Etlinger discusses how even though we are completely saturated with data, we may not be using it to its full advantage. To make the best use of big data, we must develop our critical thinking skills.
  • Dilip Ratha: The Hidden Force in Global Economics: Sending Money Home
  • People cross economic borders everyday by sending cash remittances to their families in other countries. Ratha discusses the power of these remittances to empower families to climb out of poverty, and outlines the barriers to sending remittances and what can be done to make it easier.
  • Her
    This movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix, explores one man’s relationship with an operating system that is designed to serve his every need, voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Web Resources

  • Computer History Museum
    This website is the home of the Computer History Museum, located in Mountainview, California--in Silicon Valley, where it all began. It provides a history of the computer as well as the people who were the pioneers of the industry.
  • Popular Science
    Popular Science magazine has been documenting technology news since its inception in 1872. Today it offers insight into the latest technologies and their applications.
  • Wired
    The online version of the print magazine, Wired, covers cutting-edge technologies and frequently explores their social, cultural, political, and economic implications.