Video and Multimedia

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Audio Resources

Audio 5.1: Why Do Election Polls Vary So Much?
Description: How sampling methods mattered in the 2012 election

Audio 5.2: Discrimination Takes A Toll on Transgender Americans
Description: An account of a study using a large convenience sample

Audio 5.3: Giving Athletes A Heads-Up on Concussions
Description: How researchers are attempting to generalize research on concussions

Video Resources

Video 5.1: Sampling Methods
Description: A guide to types of sampling and how they relate to the population

Video 5.2: American Community Survey: Measuring the Dynamic Changes in America
Description: How the U.S. Census Bureau uses research to inform social policy

Video 5.3: Video Interview
Description: Watch this interview and answer the associated Video Interview Questions in your text.

Web Resources

Web 5.1: Probability Sample
Description: This resource explains probability sampling.

Web 5.2: Nonprobability Sample
Description: This resource explains non-probability sampling.