Video and Multimedia

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Audio Resources

Audio 3.1: U.S. Infected Guatemalans With Syphilis During 1940s
Description: Susan Reverby discusses her discovery of unethical procedure involving the United States and Guatemala.

Audio 3.2: Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?
Description: Phillip Zimbardo outlines his study and discusses human decision making.

Audio 3.3: Facebook Apologizes for Manipulation; Data Research Likely To Go On
Description: Data collected by Facebook is criticized due to manipulation.

Video Resources

Video 3.1: Milgram Obedience Study
Description: This video shows the Milgram Obedience study and a discussion of the ethics surrounding it.

Video 3.2: Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment
Description: This video talks about the unethical procedures in Zimbardo’s social experiment.

Video 3.3: Video Interview
Description: Watch this interview, and answer the associated Video Interview Questions in your text.

Web Resources

Web 3.1: An Entry to Social Science Research: Research Ethics
Description: Social research does not give special privilege to social researchers. This chapter states that they are held to a higher standard of ethics because they are studying other humans who deserve respect.