Video and Multimedia

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Audio Resources

Audio 2.1: How Is It Different Polls Produce Different Results?
Description: The senior polling editor of the Huffington post explains the difficulties of obtaining research results based on likelihood of voters.

Audio 2.2: Cities Prepare for Hotter Days Ahead
Description: Eric Klinenberg discusses his research about record-setting heat waves.

Video Resources

Video 2.1: David Morgan on Research Methods
Description: David Morgan discusses research methods with SAGE publisher Patrick Brindle.

Video 2.2: Cohort Studies – Basic Study
Description: Harvard School of Public Health faculty member talks about his research on cohort studies.

Video 2.3: Video Interview
Description: Watch this interview, and answer the associated Video Interview Questions in your text.

Web Resources

Web 2.1: 21st Century Applied Research
Description: This article examines practical uses of sociology.

Web 2.2: Survey Research Methods: Level of Analysis
Description: This article breaks down the levels of analysis when looking at previous research.