Video and Multimedia

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Audio Resources

Audio 1.1: Online Dating Stats Reveal A 'Dataclysm' Of Telling Trends
Description: Christian Rudder details a new way of completing social research by collecting data from social media outlets.

Audio 1.2: The Role of Religion in the Voting Booth
Description: Putnam’s take on religion based on his past social research findings

Video Resources

Video 1.1: The World of Social Media
Description: This video contains facts and statistics about 2013 social media and the ways it pertains to social research.

Video 1.2: Engaged Social Science
Description: A panel discusses the impacts and use of social media in the UK.

Video 1.3: Video Interview
Description: Watch this interview and answer the associated Video Interview Questions in your text.

Web Resources

Web 1.1: 21st Century Evaluation Research
Description: This excerpt discusses the merit, worth, and significance of social research.