Video and Multimedia

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Audio Resources

Audio 4.1: Reliability
Description: This is a discussion of reliability in social research.

Audio 4.2: Census Releases Data On Same-Sex Couples
Description: A validity issue is noted U.S. Census Bureau regarding data on same-sex couples.

Video Resources

Video 4.1: Richard Wilkinson TED Talk
Description: Richard Wilkinson outlines how social scientists find different ways to measure inequality.

Video 4.2 Levels of Measurement
Description: This introduction to statistics video provides basic information on levels of measurement.

Video 4.3: GSS
Description: Peter Marsden from Harvard University discusses the GSS.

Video 4.4: Constructing Research Questions
Description: Floyd Fowler from UMass Boston teaches how to construct a research question.

Video 4.5: Video Interview
Description: Watch this interview, and answer the associated Video Interview Questions in your text.

Web Resources

Web 4.1: Open-Ended Questions
Description: This chapter excerpt explains why and how open-ended questions should be implemented in social research.