Study Questions

  1. The federal government recently implemented Secure Communities, a program of the Department of Homeland Security where local police departments are connected with DHS to identify illegal immigrants who have committed crimes and deport them. Unfortunately, in working to identify and deport illegal immigrants, several American citizens have been improperly detained before being identified as citizens and released. How can the rights of Americans with certain ethnic backgrounds be protected as the government enforces U.S. immigration laws?
  2. What did Brown v. Brown of Education accomplish? Has it failed to fulfill its promise? Can or should U.S. Courts be the agents to bring about social change in society?
  3. Most Americans seem to support the principle of equal opportunity for all groups, but there is significant disagreement over government’s role in ensuring equal outcomes. What is the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome in the context of women’s rights? Racial equality?
  4. One of Title IX’s purposes was to create equality in intercollegiate athletics. Has it achieved equality between the sexes? Should government play a role in ensuring specific opportunities for extracurricular activities for students?