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SAGE Journal Articles


Article 1: Mondak, J. J. and Canache, D. (March 2014). Personality and Political Culture in the American States.Political Research Quarterly 67(1). 26-41.

This article discusses political culture among states and the correlation of political culture with personalities of American citizens.

Questions to Consider:
  1. What is the author’s rationale for exploring the link between personality and states political culture?
  2. What are three aspects of political character among American states?
  3. What are the author’s findings in term of the significance of the correlation between personality and political culture?

Learning objective: Discuss the impact of the political cultures that exist in different states


Article 2: Boushey, G. and Luedtke, A. (October 2011). Immigrants across the U.S. Federal Laboratory: Explaining State-Level Innovation in Immigration Policy. State Politics & Policy Quarterly 11(4). 390-414.

This article discusses the role of federalism in immigration policy after the passage of the Arizona SB1070 law. The authors explore the pressures leading to state immigration policy innovation and adoption of policies by explaining how various factors such as economic conditions, rates of immigration, demographics, party control, and political institutions, influence state-level immigration policy.

Questions to Consider:
  1. Do you believe that states should have the right over laws that pertain to immigration, or should this continue to be under federal jurisdiction?
  2. Under what conditions does federal control break down?

Learning objective: Outline the structure of federalism today; Explain how state government institutions have changed in order to take on new tasks


Article 3: Wolak, J. and Palus, C. K. (December 2010). The Dynamics of Public Confidence in U.S. State and Local Government. State Politics & Policy Quarterly 10(4). 421-445.

This article discusses the dynamics of the trust in the United States state and local governments. The authors examine the trends in in confidence in subnational government using an aggregate level approach. The authors find that confidence in local and state governments reflects national trends, but also exhibits unique dynamics explained by factors specific to subnational politics.

Questions to Consider:
  1. What do you believe drives changes in the trust of state and local government?
  2. Do citizens hold the local and state governments more accountable than the national government?

Learning objective: Describe the relationship between citizens and their state and local governments


CQ Researcher

Learning objective: Describe the relationship between citizens and their state and local governments