Study Questions

  1. Should the framers have made the U.S. Constitution easier to amend? Would the United States be more democratic if the Constitution could be amended more easily?
  2. Internet sales have brought forth an interesting conflict between the states. Where you purchase an item determines how much sales tax a purchaser will pay; however many retailers who have an internet presence will not charge sales tax to those purchasing items out of state. States lose valuable revenue dollars in these transactions. What are the benefits for the federal government establishing rules for the taxation of internet sales? What are the benefits of the states individually determining the taxation rules?
  3. In what areas of policy is the federal preemption of local laws ever appropriate?
  4. Should the federal government have the power to issue unfunded mandates to states?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a unitary system in which the federal government has all the power? Would the United States be any different if it were a unitary system?